A Royal Pain

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The king is dead. And the crown prince. And the queen. Long live the new king!

When king Eresthas takes Ruz from prison and unexplainably employs him as a guard, Ruz isn’t one to question his good luck. As long as he can feed his younger siblings, he’ll keep his head low and overlook anything, including the beautiful king’s taunts.

Suspected to be behind his family’s mysterious demise, Eresthas is estranged in his own court. His subjects are unruly and just waiting for an opportunity to usurp him. He knows everything about Ruz and could use the loyalty of someone like him, if only he’d step up to his potential.

As Ruz falls deeper into Eresthas’s web, he has to confront his growing feelings for the man behind the kingly mask. Can he trust someone who holds so many dark secrets?

When an oracle foresees a grim future for the king as tensions in the kingdom rise, Ruz will have to decide how far he’ll go for loyalty—and love.