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Turmoil breeds in a harem. An untouched concubine plots her escape. A mysterious man might have the key.

All Lydia cares about is fleeing the palace and going back home. There’s no reason to stay: the Emperor hoards girl after girl in his harem only to leave them there collecting dust. If she runs away and is caught, however, it will cost her life.

Everything changes when she meets the harem’s best-guarded illicit secret, its pet. Their aversion for each other is immediate. Tristan is surly, vain, and unreliable, but he has a plan and enlists her help.

Now Lydia has an undercover job—if she succeeds, she’ll be granted her so desired freedom. But at what cost?

As she infiltrates the palace’s rankings, Lydia uncovers a trail of secrets, treason, and blood. While the court is divided in a tug-of-war to fill the negligent emperor’s void, someone is killing the royal family one by one. To ensure her liberty, Lydia’s last hope is to untangle all the threads, but, if she digs too deep, soon it’ll become impossible to crawl out.

The Spy and the Prince is the first book in a mystery-packed historical fantasy trilogy!