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All Lydia wanted was freedom. Instead, she got shackled to a spiral of intrigues and disputes. She’s ready to break out of it once and for all.

Tristan is missing while Lydia plays yet another role she never asked for.

The Empire has a new ruler, but the puppet emperor is fumbling and reluctant. Lydia has his ear. For the good of the Empire and his own, she must lend him strength and counsel against the Ministry’s growing interference. Unrest swells; the Crown is at stake.

Meanwhile, Tristan must deal with the ghosts of his past that threaten to swallow him whole—or else lose everything.

As many threads converge into one, Lydia and Tristan get closer to unraveling all mysteries once and for all. But a murderer still lurks in the shadows and no one is safe until the last piece of the puzzle falls into place.

The Empress and the Usurper is the page-turning finale in this historical fantasy trilogy.